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MacLeod Ale + Pie:
Freshly brewed beer, combined with authentic British pub fare from esteemed Chef Bruce Hall.


Our Story: MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. opened its doors in June of 2014. The brewery became wildly popular, serving traditional British "real" ale and later branching out into a variety of mostly British draft ales and lagers.

Bruce Hall, a long-time patron and chef, was inspired to try his hand at British pub fare, starting with the quintessential pork pie. It was the best we had ever tasted. Bruce quickly developed soft-boiled scotch eggs with house-made sausage, sausage rolls, cornish pasties, moroccan hand pies...each one more delicious than the last.

With no room for a kitchen at the original brewery, it was decided...we must open a 2nd tasting room with food!

And here we are. Striving to make the best British ale and food possible.



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March 22, 2018

City Snag. We've gotten the bad news that a CUP is needed for our project after all. We were working with the city regarding an exemption on the property, but no dice. This delays sales of beer for 9 months to a year. However, we will continue to plug away, and hopefully get the kitchen up and running for wholesale baking and delivery to our tasting room on Calvert. We will contemplate opening without alcohol, but that would be a bit strange, wouldn't it?


October 22, 2017

Here's where we're at: The lease is signed, the paper is up on the windows. We are working on several aspects of our project:

LICENSING: We currently have applications in to the health department, and are working on our ABC application. We are researching the difficult subject of whether or not we will need a new CUP for this project. If so, it's going to take a while! So, fingers crossed that the existing CUP is still in effect!

CONSTRUCTION: We have very little to do here, just some minor paint, fixtures, and kitchen equipment. It's pretty turn-key!

MENU: Chef Bruce Hall is diligently working on the menu. We have put a sample menu online, but likely it will be edited down quite a bit before we are ready to go! While we're waiting on some licensing issues, Bruce will be traveling to Scotland to spend three weeks cooking and baking at Campbell's Bakery in Crieff! Check out their website to see the kinds of things they make there!

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